The Witch of Hebron Interview

Peter Golden Speaks with James Howard Kunstler

Released: Aug. 26, 2010.

Author photo by Charlie Samuels


Journalist/Author Peter Golden interviews James Howard Kunstler about The Witch of Hebron (Atlantic Monthly Press, 2010), the second novel in Kunstler's World Made By Hand series.

Without giving away any important plot points, Golden explores the major themes in this autumn story set in a world after the lights have flickered out and the oil has dried up. Topics include: the rule of law, the importance of ritual holidays, and the role of religion in a tight-knit community. In this novel, Kunstler has revealed more about the circumstances that have placed his characters in a world after the fall of modernity. Golden ask if Kunstler believes that people are happier in this imagined future than they are in today's high tech world.

Music: "Be Thou My Vision," performed by Ed Lowman & John Kirk, recorded specially for the World Made By Hand series.

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